Riots, Protests and More Riots


Paris Riots

eifel tower ParisToday I’ve been reading about riots in Paris, started because a black man was allegedly raped by a policeman (gendarme) with his truncheon. Apparently there were 4 policemen trying to arrest him when the incident happened.

If this unbelievably, disgusting assault truly happened then the policeman in question should be severely punished with significant jail time and the other policemen punished accordingly if they took part or stood by and let it happen.

As far as I am concerned policemen are human and can make mistakes, but they are employed to enforce laws and protect others from harm, they are not above the law. So in my book the officers in question should be thoroughly  investigated, tried in court and punishments handed out when found guilty. That is how the law works in most countries and is a fair system that should be allowed to run it’s course.

What I don’t understand is the riots, where the protesters think that it’s right to damage innocent people’s property and cause harm to others who did nothing to deserve this treatment. The rioters are not giving the legal system a chance and are indeed breaking the law themselves.

Black Lives Matter

black lives matter

Then we have had the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests. Yes they do, every life matters no matter what colour. These protests began because of black people as suspects being unlawfully shot by trigger happy police in the USA. The protests spread to the UK even though the problem was a US problem. So we have protesters damaging property, harming others and breaking the law before giving justice a chance.

In the UK we have had protesters lying across airport runways stopping ae? Nroplanes taking off. In those instances passengers have been delayed on business matters, holidays and visiting families. Is it really fair to make life difficult for innocent travellers for something that is happening in another country and needs to be lawfully dealt with in that country? Absolutely not.

Riots In Europe

Then there are riots in Europe, migrants protesting because they are not happy with the help being given to them or because they want to go where they choose. Burning down asylum centres that have been providing them with warmth, food and a roof over their heads. It seems really ungrateful when you think of the massive costs to European taxpayers and that most of them are single male economic migrants and not refugees from war who need our help the most.

Far right groups are growing in numbers across Europe and protesting about the economic migrants and Muslims. Some asylum centres or homes that they live in have been unlawfully damaged by protesters. I read recently about a farmer in the South of France storing weapons so that he and his friends would be ready for a battle against Muslim migrants in the area.

All of this is happening in what is supposed to be the developed, more civilised world. I’m beginning to wonder.

UK Referendum and US Presidential Election

brexitThen we have protests from those who don’t like the outcome of democratic votes in the UK and the USA. The protesters seem to think that it’s right to challenge and overturn the wishes of the majority in the UK referendum and the US presidential election. What happened to democracy?

It looks as if Brexit will go ahead at long last but the turmoil caused by the election of President Trump and his policies will continue to have protesters wreaking havoc.

I don’t particularly agree with his policies, but he was voted in on those policies by a majority of American voters and Donald Trumpis protesting and rioting the answer? I don’t think so, just as much as I don’t think that some of his policies are the answer to what are admittedly problems.

I could go on with this list of public unrest, but instead I will say that I worry for the world that my grandchildren are growing up in when so called civilised people are harming each other and other people’s property and lives because they think that they know best or because things are going their way. Nobody has the right to cause harm, I don’t think so in what might be my simplified view.

As far back as I can remember there have been protests, but mainly peaceful. Nowadays protests are growing more ugly, wonder what John Lennon would have sang about it all.





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