Relax and Lose Weight With Swimming Before Shopping


Swimming and Christmas Shopping

Today I went swimming before going Christmas shopping. Usually I find Christmas shopping stressful but by the time I had finished my swim I was so relaxed I could have shopped for England. Well I almost did with 9 Christmas presents, a week’s groceries and enough cat food and cat litter to last for a month – I buy it in bulk to save money.

Anyway that was my first swim for over 2 weeks due to me having a bad cold and then so much overtime at work I was too tired to make the effort to go to the pool at the local leisure centre. I enjoyed today’s swim though. It was so quiet I was the only swimmer for most of the time. My mum thought it was hilarious there being 3 lifeguards around the pool. Said it would take 3 of them to pull me out. Cheeky implication about my weight there. It does get quieter in the winter and especially when it’s adults only sessions.

Why Did I Start Going For A Swim

I started to go swimming regularly 3½ years ago. At the time I was suffering from work related stress and a very high blood pressure. I badly needed to destress and get my blood pressure down. On Mother’s day my daughter and grandkids took me to a spa. It was great fun and especially in the pool. I decided then that I was going to go swimming regularly.

I started swimming 2 – 3 times a week and sometimes went to the gym in the same building if for instance I could only go to the leisure centre when the schools or swimming clubs were using the pool. I just go on adult only or women and children only sessions, swim for all is more like splash for all when the pool is full of children and it’s very difficult to swim a breadth never mind a length.

Weight Loss

My blood pressure went down and I have lost weight slowly but surely. 2½ stones lost and I’ve gone down 3 dress sizes. That’s without dieting very much and it doesn’t go back on as long as I continue with regular exercise. I’ve been researching how many calories you burn when swimming and apparantly the more you weigh the more you burn. Metabolism is also a factor and of course how long you swim for and how much effort you put into it. I probably burn about 600 calories every time that I go swimming. If you want to check for yourself and read more about swimming click here.


Eases Osteoarthritis

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my knees 4 years ago. My knees started to hurt, especially in the winter and my left knee in particular would painfully give way when walking down stairs or the mile long hill from my workplace. Ever since I have been swimming regularly there have been few problems with my knees.

Improves Health

It’s good for my heart and lungs too. Last summer I had pneumonia and was left with scarring on my lungs, breathing is sometimes difficult and it gets painful if I over exert myself at work. Doing the breast stroke seems to ease the pain and help with breathing.

Family Recreation

Lots of good reasons to swim regularly, and age isn’t a deterrent. I’m 62 and there are older people than myself at regular swimming sessions. I also go swimming with my daughter and grandkids occasionally. It’s good to be able to exercise as a family and I hope to be still doing that when I’m 90.


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