My First Moccasin Making Kit Was A Gift


Ever since being a young girl I have loved making things be it clothes, jewellery or household items. When I was about 10 my gran gave me a beaded moccasin making kit and I was totally made up. My kit comprised the necessary  pre-shaped pieces of brown sheepskin, leather laces, a large eyed needle and some pretty multi-coloured beads.

I remember the excitement that I felt as I sat down to make my new beaded moccasins. I laboured lovingly over every stitch and it wasn’t long before I had made (in my eyes) a perfect pair of moccasins right down to the beading on the laces. I was very proud of them as I showed my labours off to my family and they were rightfully impressed. My brothers were a little envious, but as the elder one commented ‘they’re no good for playing football in”.

I didn’t care about that, moccasin shoes were in fashion at the time and it was great having fashionable footwear that my parents couldn’t object to for a change. They were comfortable too, though I confess comfort didn’t start to impress me until I had grown up.

I was so proud of them that I went outside in the rain to show my pals – what is that saying ‘pride comes before a fall! My mates were impressed with my handiwork too until the rain leaked through and my new sheepskin moccasins became soggy, smelly and out of shape. I remember being upset that my prized possession had lost their grandeur but I should have realised that they were for inside wear only and that the moccasins that were suitable for outside had thicker soles like the moccasins in the picture on the right. I still wore my home made moccasins for many months but they didn’t look as good as they would have if I hadn’t got them wet and my bothers often teased me about the smell.

Moccasin slippers are great to wear around the home, easy to slip into, warm and ever so comfortable. They are usually very reasonably priced and even now a big fashion item. You can’t go wrong, there are mens moccasins, womens moccasins, moccasin boots and even kids moccasins.

Unfortunately you don’t see moccasin making kits in many shops nowadays, but you can still find some outlets on the Internet. There are even really cute kits for hand making moccasins for babies, a great idea for a gift instead of the traditional knitted bootees. Making moccasins is not only an enjoyable relaxing hobby, it is practical and solves gift idea problems. You can find some videos showing you how to make moccasins below.


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