Dyson, The Best Vacuum Cleaner


I used to hate vacuuming and never did right well with upright or cylinder type vacuum cleaners until I got my Dyson cylinder vacuum 7 years ago. Sods law is that I always broke them shortly after the guarantee had run out and IĀ  don’t usually find it worth the cost to buy extended guarantees for electrical products.

I think that by the time I have to replace an item I might have spent more on insurance than the replacement cost, especially as electrical items usually fall in price after their initial launch. Getting them repaired and paying for spare parts can be almost as costly as buying new.

Because of my bad track record I’ve learned a fair bit about choosing the best vacuum cleaners and deciding what features I need. I’ve tried several different brands and tend to switch between upright and cylinder, probably dissatisfaction with my last model. I switch between cheap and higher priced, perhaps because when a low cost item breaks down I tell myself that an expensive product will last longer.

I even had an hilarious demonstration of an over priced Kirby vacuum in my home once. The young man doing the demonstration vacuumed part of my mattress and then emptied the dust onto the carpet to show me how much crap was in my mattress and how Kirby vacuums can remove it all and make sleepingĀ  healthier for me.

My over friendly part border collie Patch sat in the middle of the dust and wouldn’t move. She was so happy to have a new person to greet that wagging tail sent the dust flying all over. The salesman didn’t know what to do, he was scared that she would bite him and I’m ashamed to say that my daughter and I found the panicked look on his face funny.

He tried to show us how durable the product was. As he held the pipe in his hands and put pressure on it he claimed that it was unbreakable **SNAP** the poor guys face had us roaring with laughter as he looked at the 2 broken pieces. I didn’t buy a Kirby, but to be honest I let the salesman do the demo as a favour to help get his demonstration quota up.

cats hairs

My cat Tuppence on her scratching board. Her fur gets everywhere and is hard to vacuum up without my Dyson.

I used to have a wet and dry cleaner to shampoo and vacuum my carpets. It wasn’t that good but at least it came in useful to suck up the water when my washing machine leaked. It didn’t last long after the guarantee expired and it was heavy and awkward to pull around anyway.

I had a cylinder vacuum cleaner that I liked. It lasted a few years but buying bags for it was a problem.
Many years ago vacuum cleaners had cloth bags that could be washed and used over and over.
This vacuum had paper bags that were expensive to buy and intended to be used until full then thrown away.

Occasionally I managed to empty them and use them again but after a while the store that I bought the vacuum and bags from closed and I couldn’t find the bags on sale anywhere. I didn’t have the internet back then so maybe it would have been different if I could have looked online.

My last upright cleaner was fine until I got a short piled carpet in my lounge. The suction wasn’t strong enough to keep that carpet clean and especially from dog and cat hairs. It was also too heavy to carry up and down the stairs.

Then I had a brainwave and decided to splash out on a Dyson cylinder vacuum. That was 7 years ago and it still is the best vacuum cleaner for me. It has a strong suction and gets those pet hairs sorted quickly. No bags, cloth or paper, you just take the plastic tub off to clean and empty it. It’s the lightest vacuum that I’ve ever had, much easier as I get older to carry up and down the stairs and it pulls along behind me without difficulty. It also came with a few useful tools to vacuum in different places.

After 7 years I can tell you that I would definitely get another Dyson cylinder vacuum if this one ever gets beyond repair. Unlikely to be soon because I find it worthwhile to get it serviced and the hepa filters changed every year. Most Dyson vacuums come with a 5 year guarantee, not that I needed one, it hasn’t broken down and none of the parts have needed replacing yet.

Although Dyson vacuums are now made overseas in Malaysia thanks to an EU grant it is still a British product and technology and Dyson still employ several thousand British workers at the UK headquarters and are a great and innovative British company.




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