Christmas Magic


christmas magic

Christmas Magic a fun Christmas poem written by Patricia Jones

The room was in darkness, night had drawn in,

A clock struck the hour for fun to begin,

The lights on the tree spark up one by one,

A fairy jumps down, the magic begun,

She twirls round and round with wand in her hand,

Waves it just once to strike up the toy band,

She danced all alone until she did see,

The cards on the shelf, toys under the tree,

A picture of Santa was magicked alive,

He partners her once they do the hand jive,

Her wand waves twice, King Wenceslas jumps out,

Walked to the window and let out a shout,

“Where’s the snow?”, his face wore a frown,

Cheered up to see snowflakes start falling down,

The fairy’s excited this special night,

Wiggled her wand at everything in sight,

The room comes to life, the party’s begun,

The folk from the cards are having good fun,

Wise men and shepherds are having a ball,

Dancing and twirling about till they fall,

Toy soldiers and dolls they dance to the beat,

Tinsel strewn pixies jumped up to their feet,

Out of a book climbed a man with mean face,

Looked all around till he spied the right place,

Shiny chocolate coins, what a big pile,

Ebenezer’s face lit up with a smile,

A knock on the door brought a hush to the room,

A snowman walked in dispelling the gloom,

Dancing around with candle in hand,

He did a mean twist in time with the band,

Mince pies are eaten and sherry is drunk,

Santa is tiddly, he’s doing the funk,

Slips on some water all over the floor,

He spots what it is and lets out a roar,

The snowman is melting, becoming quite small,

The fairy is crying for help from them all,

They push and they shove him out of the house,

Just in time he’s getting small as a mouse,

They go back inside, all shedding a tear, the party is over until the next year.

The End

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