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Saying Goodbye To Our Mother

Saying goodbye to my lovely mother, she is very much missed.

Sunshine And Shadows

The day of the Grenfell Tower fire started with glorious sunshine and ended very sadly. This is part of my day and how the tragedy overshadowed it.

The Wheelie Bin Invasion And Pavement Parking

Pavement parking nuisances causing an unsafe obstruction for those in wheelchairs, parents pushing prams and taking wheelie bins for collection. Wheelie bin theft and too many making the streets and roads look scruffy.

Dancing Naked In The Corn

If you could travel back in time just where would you go? This article is a fun look at where I would choose to go. 1969 and Woodstock is my answer.

Floods, Power Cuts and Image Making

Yesterday was quite a day. I designed the image on the left, we had a power cut and it rained so much that there were floods in the area and some of the roads were blocked. I

Cookers, Curtain Hooks and Changes in the Market

Problems with cookers, curtain hooks, televisions and a cat who thinks that it's cool to climb up curtains and bring them down on her head, then look as if she thinks it funny. Another day in my

A New HD Television – But You Can’t Cook On It!

I passed my seventh year of stopping smoking last month and as my bank account has grown nicely I decided to treat myself to some new electrical items. I had a bit of a long list for