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Labour Hypocrisy And Brexit Greed

Are the Labour party hypocrites for blaming the Tories over shortage of teachers and bigger classes? Leaving the EU and their greedy demands. Soft or hard Brexit?

Brexit Soft Or Hard? It’s Not Flipping Cheese You Know

I'm getting rather fed up with the terms soft and hard as far as Brexit is concerned and think that they are just words used by the remoaners who want to stay in the EU or think

The Election Aftermath

Two days ago the United Kingdom voted in a snap general election with unexpected results. The Conservatives won with 317 seat in the houses of parliament, but 9 short of a majority. The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn Vs Theresa May

Just 3 days to go until the June 8th general election and the main thought that I’m having is ‘what the hell is happening?’ I feel very worried that this is all going to end up badly, so

Terrorism And Jeremy Corbyn

This last week after the Manchester bombing has been truly shocking. I feel for those who lost their lives and their families and friends. I feel for those who were injured and those who were there and

Gina Miller, General Election & Thwarting Brexit

Is Gina Miller trying to thwart Brexit when the majority voted for us to leave the European Union? Why do we ant to leave the EU? The general election dirty tactics and crowdfunding to stop the conservatives

Yet Another General Election!!

Today Prime Minister Teresa May announced that there would be a general election in 7 weeks on June 8th. That is if the prime minister can get enough support from mps who will vote for or against

Are World Leaders Mad Enough To Start World War 3?

On Thursday my heart sank when I saw the news headlines ‘US drops BIGGEST ever non-nuclear bomb’. The bomb even has a nickname ‘MOAB’, or the mother of all bombs – sick really to nickname a bomb. The

Back To Old Money, Imperial Weights & Measures Post Brexit?

There have been several articles in the press recently speculating about reverting back to pre metric weights and measures and old money once the UK leaves the EU. At first my reaction was that it was a