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Celebrations: Famous, Obscure and Funny

There are festivities that, although observed in many places in the world, do not necessarily fall on the same day for each country. Among these are Mothers and Fathers Day, Labor Day, National Heroes and Independence

Round Up Including Mothers Day, Brexit, The Voice & Jack Reacher

A round up of random thoughts about Brexit, the Voice, Jack Reacher, eorking full time and other things

Just Who Are The Weaker Sex, Men Or Women?

Are women or men the weaker sex

I’m a Winner – That’s What The Scammers Say Anyway

Cor blimey my inbox has been really exciting during the past few weeks. I've won millions of pounds, had lots of lucrative business proposals and even received several greetings e cards. I'm a lucky lady - or

A Happy New Year, Or Is It?

I don't want to look back over last year because in the main it was pretty crappy. Instead I'm going to give my views on what the new year of 2017 has to bring

Merry Christmas and a Free Gift

Wishing my friends and family and all of this blog readers a merry Christmas and a very healthy and prosperous new year.

A Coffee Personality Contest

I was looking through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine and found the following article which had been placed on an article submission site that I used to run back in 2009. I found this personality test amusing