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Book Review – Accident by Danielle Steele

The book is mainly about a woman and mother dealing with problems that come out of the blue but are far reaching. Page has to juggle her life around spending hours at her daughter’s bedside willing her

Review of Trapped – Visual Adaptation

Trapped is the first visual adaptation of a story by Dean Koontz written in 1989. Published in 1992 by Eclipse it is a short story adapted by horror writer Edward Gorman and illustrated by Anthony Bilau. Think

Review Of Eva Fraser’s Facial Workout

I first bought Eva Frazer's Facial Workout back in 1991 as a birthday gift for a friend. I was so impressed with the information provided that I bought my own copy. It wasn't long before I found

A Review of Killing The Shadows by Val McDermid

I don’t think that I’ve read a book written by Val McDermid before so from the first page it was like starting out in unexplored territory, not knowing what to expect. The main character in Killing The Shadows

Big Girls Are Sexy Too

Cannie Shapiro is overweight and her size makes her feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. When she goes to the beach she covers the rolls with a sarong. Sounds familiar, we are conditioned to think that thin is beautiful

A Review Of The Testament A Novel Written By John Grisham

I haven’t read anything by John Grisham before and only picked The Testament in the library because of reading enthusiastic opinions about some of his other books. I wasn’t disappointed in my choice and found the storyline