Brexit The Theresa May Way


It seems like forever since we voted to leave the European Union but at last we seem to be making some real Brexit progress. Today Theresa May laid out her 12 point Brexit plan and I for one am happy with it. Of course the serial remoaners Tim Fallon (who thinks that we aren’t being democratic yet wants to remain in the undemocratic cess pool of the EU), Nicola Sturgeon and Anna Soubry and their pals aren’t too happy but blow them.

The UK has shown since the referendum last June that we can not only survive but prosper outside the EU, not that the remoaners seem to have noticed that. This country has defied the scaremongering tactics from Europhiles and proven them all wrong. We should now be able to pull together and make the Great in Great Britain strong again but the remoaners are still complaining and making threats to derail Brexit in the courts or otherwise.

Enough, you have all been proven wrong, the more you all complain the more the rest of the UK wants to leave the corrupt EU. You’ve got to laugh at Nicola Sturgeon and her SNP cronies wanting another referendum on independence from the UK, they won’t win. Would they forgo the monetary support that they get through the Barnett formula I wonder. We could use that money towards hospitals in the rest of the UK They sell more goods to the rest of the UK than anywhere else, they get financial aid from us, what more do they want. Oh I forgot, they are saying that Scotland will stay in the single market, BS.

I like the fact that Theresa May came out strong against Brussels. She told them in no uncertain terms that we want control of our borders and our laws, to quit the European court of justice and that no trade deal is better than a bad trade deal. The EU have been making threats against the UK for months, but the tables were turned today when she said that there are those who want to punish Britain but we could retaliate by slashing taxes and becoming a tax haven. She even said that the EU would be crushed to tiny pieces – go girl!

She promised that we wouldn’t weaken the partnership with Europe on fighting crime and terrorism and said British authorities will continue to share intelligence material with EU allies to enable them to fight common threats.

There are those who say that Brexiters like myself are racist. They can say what they want, it doesn’t mean that it is true. If we agree to maintain the 4 EU freedoms as the EU and Europhiles want we will never get our NHS, schools, social services and housing back under control and the referendum result would be pointless.

The PM said that the 3 million European citizens already living here would be allowed to stay as long as the EU countries did the same for UK citizens, but I personally would add a clause saying that any without a job that pays their way or any without visible means of earnings should be sent back. Of course migration won’t stop, but if only those with skills we need come here the amount of migrants will be cut substantially.

I am glad that the prime minister said that we will quit the European court of justice. It’s ridiculous that criminals can escape being deported because of their dictates and to add insult to injury it can cost taxpayers a small fortune in legal aid for the scum. I’m glad that we will be going back to making our own laws and that we will never be part of a superstate, we never voted for that or a European army run by France an Germany in the first place.

The president elect Donald Trump issued a statement the other day supporting Brexit and said that the UK would be helped by trade deals with the USA, that must have sickened the Brussels autocrats. However, as Theresa May said ‘no trade deal is better than a bad trade deal’, so lets hope for some good ones.

Joseph Muscat flexed Malta’s tiny muscles by making threats against us a few days ago. Well Joseph I have visited your country many times, I was even holidaying in Malta the day your small country joined the EU. I love it there and love the people, but I don’t love my country being threatened by you or the EU. Your country gains a lot from British holiday makers, but it also gains more than it puts into the EU budget, could your stance be sour grapes knowing that one of the largest contributors to the EU budget won’t be subbing your country much longer?

Anyway, I’m going to celebrate now. I really hope that the shilly shallying is at an end and that we get out quick before the EU collapses and we end up paying for it.


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