Absurd Politics with Blair, Branson and Farron


Blair, Branson, FarronPolitics in 2016 has been quite a humdinger and it doesn’t look as if things are going to settle down for some time yet. Of course in the UK Britain leaving the EU or Brexit is the culprit, but not before time.Five months on we are still hearing the howls of protest from the remainers, it’s getting very tiresome.

I asked myself if I would have protested as much if the vote had been to remain. I doubt it because although I hoped we would vote out I didn’t think that Brexit would win so would have accepted the decision of the people. The remainers expected to win but lost so now some are becoming so undignified in their protesting that they are becoming jokes.

Take that silly woman Sturgeon. She is so determined for Scotland to stay in the EU and to become independent from the UK that she is beginning to sound like a broken record and the butt of many jokes.

However, she’s not as bad as the crazy gang Tony Blair, Richard Branson and Tim Farron. How dare Tony Blair try to tell us what is best for us when there are many who believe that he should be on trial for war crimes. Why he thinks that he can influence the British public after the Chilcot report I don’t know. I think he needs to crawl back under his rock again.

Richard Branson should keep out of politics. He is a businessman not a politician and as a businessman he should be able to see the bigger picture. Getting out of the EU will be good for business, less restrictive and more opportunity. The man doesn’t even live in this country, so I suggest that he swim beck to his island in the sun.

I’d never heard of Tim Farron until he became the leader of the diminished LibDem party. Perhaps that’s why he is publicity seeking now, so that we all know who he is. He bangs on about a second referendum, reckons that we didn’t know that we were voting out of the single market when we voted for Brexit. Well Mr Farron believe it or not we Brexiters are not stupid. We knew what we were voting for, after all it was spelled out often enough for us in the run up to the referendum. Take a hike dude, you are getting boring.

These 3 and many others are supposed to be intelligent, yet they are not using their intelligence in positive ways. Surely they can see what’s happening in the EU, or are they too set in their ways? The future looks so positive and we should all be working together to secure the bright future that could be ours if there wasn’t so much negativity.


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