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When writing kids stories you have to decide exactly which age group you would like to write to. When deciding on which group it helps you decide what kind of writing you will need to do.

You have decided on what age group now you need to decide what kind of book you would like to write for the children. A spooky story would be good; it would make the children squeal as they were reading. Maybe a chapter book is something that would appeal to you. Chapter books take longer to write, but it keeps the child reading for hours so they can see how it ends. There are even easy reading books that you could write. This basically means the print is bigger and the words are simple words since the children are just learning to read.

Getting kids stories published can be a little difficult. In order to get yourself out there so people will see how you write you could submit short stories to magazines. Children magazines are always looking for something new and fresh for their audiences to read. After you have done some stories for children in the magazines you are able to include this on your credits so it will grab the editors attention.

In order to come up with good ideas and to make sure you are appealing to the children of today, go to the library and read different kids stories. Read things that were written when you were a kid then read stories that are written today. There is a difference in how the books were written because over the years things changed and children are smarter so it takes a little more to keep their attention. If you could combine the way of writing then and now you just might grab the attention you are looking for.

Even though you are writing kids stories you do need to use common sense with a dose of reality. Do not make things talk in the stories that do not talk in real life. Also be very creative and funny with the story you are writing. You are not only trying to appeal to the children, but you need to sell yourself to an editor in order to get the book published. The best way to accomplish both is originality, something new that is not already being sold.

So use your imagination along with reality and be the next best author for kids stories. You will enjoy the rewards of the children grabbing your books to read for many years.

Written by Scott Thomas


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