You Know Christmas Is Coming When The John Lewis Christmas Advert Is Out


Christmas is just 6 weeks away and coming fast. I bought my first Christmas present this week for my 11 year old Granddaughter Issie. A pretty item of jewellery from her long expensive designer list that mostly weren’t affordable. When did 11 year olds become so enamored with designer clothes that cost more because of their labels rather than quality.

It’s tempting to just give money or vouchers but I like to be more thoughtful than that and choose something that recipients really want. I like to watch the joy on their faces when I see what I’ve given them, my grandson even rolled around the floor he was so pleased to get an xbox game from me one year. I’ve already bought my own Christmas present to myself – a new Lenovo Quad Core laptop. It’s being delivered this afternoon and I can’t wait to be more up to date with my computing. It’s got a 5 year warranty at the moment, good nowadays when you only get a year warranty normally.

Anyway I’ve started my Christmas buying just as the big chain stores have started to release their Christmas adverts. The competition between the chains has produced better adverts every year, sometimes better to watch than the crap Christmas day tv programmes. John Lewis has been beating it’s rivals in recent years and this year is no exception. Last year we had the sad man on the moon advert, this year it’s funny and the main star is adorable Buster the boxer dog, cute enough to melt the heart of any Ebenezer Scrooge. Watch it and see what you think:

I love it, I laughed at the end and was amazed at the clever filming of this fun advert. It won’t make me shop at John Lewis though, there isn’t one near me.

A few weeks ago the Internet was buzzing with what people were saying was the eagerly awaited John Lewis advert. It was actually made by a young man for his A level media course work I believe. It’s a lovely video worth watching:

Gorgeous isn’t? A very talented young man who I’m sure has a great future ahead of him. Another amusing Christmas ad comes from Aldi:

I’ll never be able to eat a carrot again without thinking of this one, talk about stick and carrot 🙂 The most poignant was Sainsbury’s Christmas 2014 advert:

I don’t think that I’ll ever forget that one, it was sad but heart warming too. As a bonus you can see the man on the moon advert below:

This year the ads are tending towards humour, just as well with the horrible year we’ve had with terrorists, migrants and the moaning about the result of the UK referendum and US presidential election. What do you think about the Christmas ads?

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