Yet Another General Election!!


Today Prime Minister Teresa May announced that there would be a general election in 7 weeks rime on June 8th. That is if the prime minister can get enough support from mps who will vote for or against an election tomorrow. The government needed to call for an election before Brexit talks with the EU begin in ernest and to show that the majority of the country is behind the government as the negotiations begin. Unfortunately mps from other parties are not being as supportive as the electorate and their divisiveness can only do harm as leaving the EU gets underway.

After last years referendum on whether or not to leave the EU and after David Cameron ducked out of being prime minister and his responsibilities a general election was suggested. I was absolutely against another election just over a year after the last one and so soon after the nationwide referendum. I’d reached a point where I was sick of the massive amount of electioneering and I’m sure that much of the country felt the same. However, over the 10 months since the referendum I’ve gradually change my mind.

Keep that Scottish woman quiet

One of my first thought was that an election might finally shut the SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon up. That woman is like a dog with a bone calling for another referendum on independence in Scotland and wanting Scotland to remain in the EU. As Teresa May says ‘It’s the wrong time’ and as anybody with any common sense would tell her the timing would be a distraction when the very important for all of the UK Brexit negotiations are going on.

It’s doubtful that canny Scots would change their minds and vote for independence from the UK. They wouldn’t be able to stay in the EU when the rest of our nation leave and Sturgeon has been told by the EU that Scotland would be unlikely to gain admission to the EU without the rest of the UK. Scotland benefits far more financially from the UK than the EU so they would be cutting their noses off to spite their faces in the unlikely event that they voted for independence.

Apart from all of that the SNP have lost their majority in the Scottish parliament. There are signs that a lot of Scottish voters are getting fed up with Sturgeon’s one track independence mind and want her to stop being single minded and concentrate on other important issues. Recently a Nicola Sturgeon missing poster was put up in her constituency because she has been neglecting that constituency and those who voted for her before she set off on her independence crusade.

Labouring for votes

My next thought was that the Labour party will lose a lot of mps should the election go ahead. They have a weak, useless leader in Jeremy Corbyn and are falling way behind in the opinion polls. Many Labour mps have supported staying in the EU despite their working class constituents overwhelmingly voting to leave. I can’t help wondering if some of them, maybe even Corbyn will lose their seats to Brexit supporters.

I was a Labour voter for many years, but apart from having a lousy leader they have gone too far left for me to want to vote for them now. Though I would have second thoughts if I lived in lovely Gisela Stuart’s constituency. One of the few Labour mps who talks sense.

Talking the country down

There are also plenty of Tory mps who took part in project fear and have continued to talk this country down, that’s despite being shown time after time that the scaremongering before the referendum was mostly wrong. Osborne and Cameron may have changed their tune now but I wouldn’t be sad if they lost their seats.

As for the Liberal Democrats, their leader Tim Farron comes out with so much verbal diarrhea that many of us are hoping that he will lose his Westmorland an Lonsdale seat to somebody who actually supports this country.

Ukip, they served their purpose in pushing for the Brexit vote, but I doubt they will gain many if any seats. Their latest leader (can’t even remember his name), isn’t as charismatic as Nigel Farage.

Settling down to back Britain

If the government get the go ahead in parliament tomorrow it won’t be as bad as previous elections because there will only be 7 weeks of electioneering and then hopefully the country will settle down and get behind the government as they take on difficult negotiations with the EU.

I expect the Conservatives to win with a comfortable majority and to be able to get on with their negotiations without remoaner mps meddling and giving the EU the upper hand. I hope that Corbyn resigns as Labour leader and the party rebuilds with a stronger leader and realistic policies. We do need a strong opposition to keep the government on it’s toes.

Updates: Project fear scaremonger George Osborne has announced that he won’t be standing for parliament in June.

Parliament voted overwhelmingly for the election 522 for – 13 against


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