Will Brexit Be Scuppered And Democracy Lose


Yesterday I was absolutely disgusted to hear of the high court ruling saying that subject to appeal parliament must vote on whether or not to trigger article 50 and start the expected 2 year process to leave the EU. The case was brought to court by Guyanese born former model Gina Miller who is married to multi millionaire hedge fund manager Alan Miller. Members of the privileged part of society who want us to remain in the EU shambles. The woman said that she felt physically sick when she heard the result of the referendum. Seriously. What real difference would it make to her luxury lifestyle when we leave I wonder.

Normally I would say that parliament should make the important decisions but not this time.The reason being that a majority of members of parliament supported the remain side and some mps have been making noises about a second referendum or blocking Brexit. Many of them voted remain while their constituency’s voted out. That leaves me without much faith in them supporting the decision of the British people and democracy. Even if they do any decision could easily be overturned by the unelected over privileged members of the House of Lords.

Letting parliament get involved will drag things out longer and will give the poison dwarf head of the SNP party the opportunity to wallow more and make things difficult for those who genuinely care about the UK not being part of a superstate ruled by unelected heads of the EU. Letting parliament discuss the terms of our exit will not only drag things out it will give the upper hand to the EU in negotiations because it will reveal our plans beforehand. This will leave us even more in limbo than we are already, not fair on the British people or the EU.

The Referendum

On June 23rd a UK majority of 52% to 48% voted to leave the European Union. The referendum came about through a parliamentary vote whereby 6 times more politicians voted to give the British people a choice of either staying in or leaving the EU than those who didn’t want to give the nation a say in our future. We were told that it wasn’t an advisory vote and promised that the result would be honoured. They said “This is your decision, the government will implement what you decide“.

The outcome was expected to be remain which is probably why we got the vote – that’s me being cynical. Truth is that many of the politicians were out of touch with the feelings of the British public and urged us not to vote leave. The campaigns for both sides were not totally honourable, but the remain campaign was by far the worst with much scaremongering about the economy, taxes and trade.

A lot of people voted remain because of the scaremongering and I’m pretty sure that if a second referendum was forced the vote for leave would grow because of those who feel that they were lied to. Also because the economy is doing well and we are seeing a growing amount of countries outside the EU wanting to trade with the UK – they don’t like how long the bumbling EU takes to reach agreement on trade deals.

Unfortunately there has been a lot of what’s being called remoaning from those who voted remain. Also threats coming from some of the EU heads of state and EU chiefs. They don’t like the idea of Britain leaving the EU and especially because we are the second highest contributor out of 28 member states. We Brits stand up to threats and bullies.

Why Did We Vote Brexit

My number one reason was Sovereignty. I voted to stay in the common market in 1975. That was for a trading agreement only. We were never told that the EU would rule us and make our laws else I and the rest of the country would never have agreed. We wouldn’t have agreed to being a small part of the planned superstate, that I’m sure of.

Uncontrolled immigration is a strong reason for leaving. Our shores have been inundated with EU migrants who we are not allowed to turn away. I’m not against migration, I like mixing with people from different countries and cultures but there is a limit. We don’t have enough housing or schools and the NHS is being severely stretched. We need to call a halt to migration for now and have a chance to sort our infrastructure out.

To have the right to stop convicted criminals and suspected terrorists from entering this country. This is for our safety and should be our decision alone.

The planned EU army makes me shudder. Nato has served us well for many years and we do not need a European army weakening Nato. Germany and France running a European army – the two countries that have tried to overrun Europe in the past 200 or so years, coincidence huh! I wonder what would happen if any of the EU countries disagreed with the EU dictators, would they send their army in. My late father and his comrades who fought in the last world war against Germany and Italy would be turning in their graves at the thought of Germany ruling us as they have been.

At present we are not allowed to make our own trade deals which would be quicker and better for this country. It’s almost as if the EU dictatorship has taken the balls away from Great Britain. We can’t do anything without their say so – when did we ever vote for that?

Not wanting the Euro is another good reason. Sooner or later the EU dictators will make us join the Euro which has caused a lot of hardship to Southern European members. The same applies to the Schengen zone of 26 European countries which have mostly abolished border checks. Thank goodness we declined to sign that treaty which I personally think has caused a lot of problems of migrants from outside Europe risking and losing their lives to take advantage of the open borders.

An Early General Election

Some are saying that a General Election will be called because of the remainers and their hassling. I hope not because I think that we would be worse off if that happened. Without the Brexit issue I think that the Tories would take even more seats from Labour who do not have a credible leader at the moment. I think that the Tories would also gain seats from the SNP who must be getting fed up with one trick Nicola Sturgeon and her moaning about staying in the EU by now.

If a General Election was called because of Brexit there could be even more chaos. My local MP voted remain, yet this constituency had a majority vote to leave. I voted for him, but like many others who voted out I wouldn’t support him as long as he supports remain. The only Brexiter was from UKIP who seem to be a one policy party that I wouldn’t vote for.

I question the legality of yesterday’s court ruling. Surely when the government said “This is your decision, the government will implement what you decide” and the then prime minister David Cameron said that he would trigger article 50 the day after the referendum if remain lost (he resigned instead), the remainers shouldn’t have a leg to stand on in court. What do you think about this disgraceful court ruling?


Today I emailed my local MP and asked him to support his constituency’s wishes to leave despite him voting remain. His reply was “As you acknowledge, a majority of voters backed Brexit and this outcome must be respected.”




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