What Did Those Limeys Ever do For Us? The Yanks Ask?


I was looking through the internet archives again and found this very apt at the moment article that had been submitted to an article site that I used to own. Our politicians keep banging on about the special relationship we have with the US and hoping to get it back again now that Obama is toast. This article tells us about some of the things that we have given to the US, but before anybody complains we all know that we have had plenty in return.

What did those Limeys ever do for us?

Well quite a lot really?

Let’s pass over our previous blessings and start just before World War Two?

We gave you the Magnetron: the Greatest gift ever given by one nation to another at precisely the time you needed it most, in other words RADAR before Pearl Harbor (You really should spell that Harbour).

Yes, before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor the British gave the Yanks a RADAR system and the Japanese planes were spotted a good distance out from Pearl Harbor. The RADAR operators even rang higher ranking officers to tell them about the planes, but unfortunately they were ignored.

The Yanks, didn’t ignore RADAR after that, it became the decisive weapon of World War two, especially in the Pacific Ocean.

The Legendary Mustang P51?

Surely, that was American? Well then before it was a legend it was all American with an Allison engine, and the British trialled it. They weren’t impressed, it had a ceiling of 16,000 feet: the engine was rubbish. However, the airframe was good so the British had a Merlin engine put in the Mustang: the result was a top class fighter with a ceiling of 32,000+ feet. The Mustang saved many American bomber crews lives when it was used as a fighter escort to Germany and back. Rolls Royce allowed (they used to be really fussy) Packard in the US to build the Merlin engine for the Mustangs.

The Brits cracked the Enigma code (German Code) which saved many thousands of American and allied lives.

The Jet Engine?

In World War Two plans of the jet engine were given to GE in America so that they could build their own US jet engine, just in case Adolf and the Reich started to get lucky.

In the sixties?

One RAF officer a Vulcan Pilot (British V wing Bomber), knew that the American RADAR of the day was inadequate and in visits to US bases he proved it?

The first base he flew to on the US mainland was approached at a very low altitude. He radioed the base that he was a few kilometres away: they couldn’t see him on their Radar. Again, he radioed as he got closer: they still couldn’t see him. In repeated radio calls the military radar operators never saw the Vulcan. He then few over the base: this had the desired effect, the base command then realised their radar was not good enough.

The RAF Officer then flew to Hawaii and news of his tricks reached the US Base there: they were going to keep a good eye out for this Guy’s Vulcan.

This time the RAF Officer decided to come in high and I mean 70,000+ feet high. The officer radioed in that he was above the base: which was a surprise to the military radar operators because they couldn’t see him.

A couple of US jets were scrambled to meet him. The jets got to 40,000 feet and they couldn’t see the Vulcan. The RAF Officer then radioed them and told them he was above them, the jets climbed to 50,000 feet and still they couldn’t see the Vulcan. The RAF Officer then radioed them again and told them to climb still more, eventually the scrambled jets climbed high enough to see a pin prick in the sky above them.

The end result was the US bases got the message about their Radar Systems and Britain sold lots of Radar Systems to the US in the next few years.


Where would CSI be without DNA? It would just be a lot of fancy equipment and no convictions. The bad guys would still be laughing: but with the advent of the British DNA forensic techniques the bad guys know it’s probably a matter of time (10 to 20 in the slammer).

Remember Yankees, Times may be tough, but your allies are Tougher.

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