Union Jack – Waving The Flag For Great Britain


In recent years Great Britain has changed for the worse and that is due to an over indulgence in political correctness. Sometimes it feels like you are walking on eggshells in the fear that you are going to offend somebody, but many a time it’s unnecessary. Free speech has gone out of the window, you have to be so careful what you say so please don’t take offense at anything written here.

I can understand why; having grown up with too much racial prejudice, intolerance and bigotry around me, but some of the PC in my opinion has gone too far. For instance what’s wrong with calling a chalk board a black board like we used to? Supposedly it might offend someone with a dark skin, but I’ve never seen anyone with more than a beautiful brown skin and a blackboard is definitely black.

In the news last week was an over zealous politically correct nursery that had decided not to have a Christmas tree this year because it might offend the children’s parents who are mainly of the Muslim religion. The parents spoke up and said that they wanted their children to have a Christmas tree and it wouldn’t be offensive – yeah that’s one for common sense.

I used to love collecting golliwog badges from Robertson’s jam and as a family we all enjoyed watching the black and white minstrel show. That was in more innocent days when we didn’t associate the dressed up performers with people of African ancestry, not until political correctness came along anyway.

I can understand why golliwogs and black and white minstrels might offend some but I will never understand why some councils have banned the union jack flag. The politically correct jobsworths believe that there is a chance that our flag might offend someone in our own country.

Absolute rubbish, there are many people from other countries who are proud to live here and will happily fly the British flag alongside the flag of their own country. That’s the way it is and the way it should stay. Back Britain and fly the flag, or even hang up Union Jack bunting at your next party.

PS. Recently I’ve noticed some diminishing of political correctness. When I regularly spend time with people of ethnic minorities I’m finding that I can discuss different religions and migration more freely with them without worrying about upsetting them. Perhaps that would always have been the case if I hadn’t been too worried about PC.

An example is a Muslim taxi driver who has taken me to and from a sometimes workplace 10 miles away several times during the past few months. He came to this country in 1967 and loves it like his own. He hates political correctness and believes that everybody has a right to worship or not worship what they want. He believes in free speech and that there should be more integration in this country. He could teach the PC lefty luvvies a thing or two.




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