Terrorism And Jeremy Corbyn


Manchester Bombing

This last week after the Manchester bombing has been truly shocking. I feel for those who lost their lives and their families and friends. I feel for those who were injured and those who were there and went through the ordeal of seeing the bloodied bodies of the victims and hearing the injured calling out for help. It must have been harrowing for all concerned and I totally condemn those who would harm others for any reason, there just isn’t any justification to murder and maim others.

RIP to those who lost their lives and I hope that those who were injured recover soon and are able to get on with their lives. I salute the emergency services and NHS for their tremendous work in the aftermath of this horrific crime. I also salute her majesty queen Elizabeth for visiting the survivors. She could have stayed away and sent impersonal messages to them but instead our 91 year old queen travelled to Manchester to meet the survivors in person.

Manchester IRA Bombings

I can remember when Manchester was bombed indiscriminately by the IRA in 1992 and 1996. I remember seeing the aftermath, the massive destruction of buildings and reports and images of those who were harmed by the callous, cowardly bomb attacks. Manchester suffered then and has been made to suffer again by a young man who was willing to commit suicide to harm others.

Baghdad Terrorist Bombings

Yesterday Isis, or as they like to be called the Islamist state set off 2 car bombs in Baghdad murdering at least 31 innocent people altogether. One was set off outside a popular ice cream parlour where families were gathering to break their Ramadan fast. 17 were killed and 31 injured. As with the Manchester bombing this was a cowardly attack on the young. They were also fellow Muslims of the extremists. RIP to the innocents killed.

What is a Terrorist?

I cannot begin to understand the twisted minds of those who inflict harm on others but there has always been one clear thought in my head: Terrorist acts are inflicted by the minority who want to force their ideology or ways upon the majority whether it’s wanted or not.

In recent years Muslim groups like Isis, Boku Haram, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda have come to the fore with their acts of terrorism. They claim to be followers of Islam – a peaceful religion? These Islamic groups want to enforce Sharia law upon the world, even though we are told that the majority of Muslims do not agree with them. The Islamic terrorists hate and want to harm those who they call non believers, that is anybody who does not believe the same as them including fellow Muslims.

Some are calling non believers infidels, taking us back centuries to the crusades. This is what we are up against now and very probably far into the future.

Take note: I include the IRA and Klu Klux Klan when I think of terrorists not just the twisted followers of Islam.

How Do You Stop Terrorism?

I don’t think that there is an answer to that question. There are some deluded people and even Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour party who believe that it is possible to sit down and talk with those who commit or support heinous crimes against others. In my opinion if you negotiate with terrorists the only way you will get peace from them is to give in to their demands. The Labour party negotiated with the IRA in the 90s and ok a peace agreement was signed but many IRA terrorists were released from prison and many including those who planted the bomb in the video above went unpunished, I don’t think that is right.

It has been suggested that anybody suspected of being linked to Isis or other terrorist groups be interred and de-radicalised. As there are thousands of suspected Isis terrorists that are known about where does that end? Another suggestion is that they are deported to their country of origin. As many of the suspected terrorists are British born from migrant parents and the countries where their parents came from might refuse to take them in and I can’t say that I would blame them. I also think that either ‘solution’ would cause anger amongst our Asian communities and perhaps make things worse.

The internet has made it easier for terrorists to communicate, plot and recruit others. Our prime minister Theresa May is trying to get Internet companies like Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp and Twitter to take more action against terrorists and I think that she is right. If I owned one of those websites I would not want terrorists using it to recruit others, communicate and spread their twisted ideology. I would not want terrorists bragging about their heinous acts or placing videos of them on my site. If any of those things happened I would report them to the police or secret services, that should be the right thing to do without any government forcing them to police their own sites.

Radicalisation has been happening in Mosques and schools, that needs to end. The government want Imans to preach in English only and for all schools to teach British values. I don’t think that those measures will work because we have allowed a lack of integration amongst communities, hate preachers to spread their bile and religious schools where Muslim children are taught the opposite to British values to flourish. I personally think that religion should be banned in all schools unless it is to teach about all religions and cultures.

The government have been trying to get Muslim communities to speak out against terrorism and let the police know about any concerns that they might have. The biggest problem in my opinion is the lack of integration. When you have communities of people from the same or similar backgrounds and culture, (some of who do not even speak English) the communities will turn inwards rather than integrate properly. Inward communities like that will be more likely to breed terrorism. Young people will grow confused with the religion and culture being forced on them by their families and seeing a different way of life outside their communities, perhaps breeding resentment. If those communities don’t co-operate more I can see that what they are calling islamophobia will grow.

I really have no answers to terrorism. I cannot understand the mentality of those who harm others never mind those who waste their young lives by committing suicide for their dubious cause. If there is a paradise they certainly won’t be going there.

Jeremy Corbyn, The Terrorist’s Friend

Earlier I mentioned Jeremy Corbyn who is called the terrorist’s friend. Perhaps I shouldn’t add this onto an article about terrorism but he has behaved disgracefully since last Monday’s atrocity where a Muslim suicide bomber targeted youngsters coming out of a pop concert. It was agreed amongst the political parties that electioneering was suspended for several days in respect for the tragic victims. That man not only started electioneering before the agreed time was up but he disgracefully tried to blame government policies for the attack.

He blamed our involvement in the middle east for the terrorism that we are seeing now from Isis. He is probably partially right but omitted to mention that the Labour party was in power when leader Tony Blair went war in Iraq, even though he apologised for Tony Blair’s actions http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/07/06/chilcot-report-2003-iraq-war-was-unnecessary-and-invasion-was-no/

Jeremy Corbyn also omitted to mention that other countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan and Pakistan have also suffered from Isis related acts of terrorism. None of those countries have taken part in any action against Isis in the middle east so that blows Corbyn’s theory out of the water.

The man denied meeting any IRA members, yet was forced to admit that he had after his shadow home secretary and ex lover Dianne Abbott said that he had met with IRA members. Then he says that he met with them to conduct peace discussions, but he was a back bencher at the time with no remit to get involved with Northern Ireland or the IRA.

I believe that he is a cowardly liar who has spent his political life colluding with harmful groups and we hear voted against proposed government terrorism acts. I also firmly believe that he is not fit to be the prime minister of this or any other country. I was a lifelong Labour supporter but this man disgusts me. The Labour party manifesto is great but unrealistic. The only way that this country could afford all of his promises would be to substantially increase taxes and not just for the wealthy. Maybe my perception of him is wrong and I’m being unfair, I don’t think so.





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