Sunshine And Shadows


At 6 am Wednesday I woke up smiling at seeing sunshine pouring into my bedroom through the gap in the curtains made by my cat Tuppence who was sitting on the window ledge basking in the sun. It was a nice feeling after several days of wind and rain and I was looking forward to the day ahead. That feeling didn’t last long.

Bad News And Political Arguments

I did as I always do when I wake up and checked the news on my Kindle Fire. I was horrified to read about Grenfell Tower, a block of high rise flats in London being on fire since just after midnight and that there were many people injured as well as lives lost. It’s a very sad thing to happen and it must have been horrific for everyone in and around those flats and of course the brave firefighters and emergency services.

As expected Jeremy Corbyn tried to score political points by using the disaster to blame the Tory government instead of having some ethics and waiting to see what caused the fire. Theresa May has ordered a full investigation, but in the mean time I think that there needs to be more safety checks on buildings that house multiple families and especially high rise flats. Apparently there was only 1 stairwell and no sprinklers, same with fire alarms. The tenants were paying very high rents yet the landlords couldn’t use some of the profits to make the flats safe – disgraceful. A sad start to the day and my thoughts of the fire and how horrendous it was overshadowed the rest of my day.

As planned I set off to visit my elderly mother. She has bad legs and is pretty much housebound so she enjoys the visits from myself and the rest of our family. I always take something for her lunch, often a fish from the chippy a treat for her now that she can’t get out. We started a tradition of meeting each other for lunch in town every Friday back in 1981. We kept that up until she was ill 5 years ago and since then our lunch dates have been at her house.

My mum is a quiet, reserved woman, even shy with those she doesn’t know. At 86 she is very much on the ball. We often talk politics but don’t always agree. It was quiet funny when I and my brothers were kids. Ours was the only house in the area with Labour and Conservative posters next to each other in the window. My dad was Conservative and my mum was a Labour supporter and ex communist party member, obviously their political views were poles apart. I was a Labour party supporter for many years, but changed to Tory in 2010. My views are probably towards the middle but would never be far left as the Labour party leadership is currently.

We agreed not to talk politics on Wednesday, but within seconds of us discussing the dreadful fire my mum said that it was the Conservative party’s fault. I guessed rightly that she had seen Jeremy Corbyn laying blame and believed what he was saying. What I can’t understand is why an intelligent woman like my mother and the millions who voted for him and his party in last week’s election are so taken in and believe what he says. It’s almost as if they’ve been brainwashed.

Early Start

I set off early on the 2 bus journey to my mums and stopped in town to get her some shopping and look for a waterproof jacket for myself. I got a great deal on a hotel in Blackpool and am taking my grandkids there next month. Even if the weather is lovely during the day it can be chilly walking along the seafront on an evening and my old jacket was on it’s last legs.

I searched all over last week and couldn’t find anything that I liked. The sales were on and there was nothing of any quality on the racks. This week I remembered the camping and outdoor shop Trespass thought I might find something suitable there rather than the usual clothes shops. There was at least 6 jackets that I liked and in the end up I bought the pictured cerise 3 in 1 jacket. I can unzip the detachable inner fleece and wear it without the fleece, wear the fleece on it’s own or wear them both together. Perfect for my needs really.

A Day Overshadowed

Although it was a sunny day and I enjoyed the visit to my mums and treated myself to a new jacket I couldn’t throw off thoughts of the fire and it’s victims, not that I wanted to. Everybody was talking about it on the 4 buses that I caught, in the shops, at the bus stops and the media was full of the sadness.

Amongst the sorrow I heard some parroting of the inappropriate blame laying by some members of the Labour party and I couldn’t help thinking that they should have some respect for the dead and injured. Since then communist Corbyn has even demanded that property of the rich should be seized to house those who lost their homes in the fire. Unfair on those who have worked hard to buy those homes and you can bet your bottom dollar that him and his commy cronies won’t be offering to open up their expensive homes. They need to let the country grieve in peace and stop trying to take political advantage of this and other terrible tragedies.

Two days later I still feel very sad for the fire victims and their families, but it is heart warming that people all around the country are donating their hard earned cash to help rehome those in need. If you would like to add a donation please click here.

Be careful, I have seen a website asking for donations that only uses paypal for payments. Some horrible people will take advantage of disasters and the kindness of others.

RIP to the victims


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