Round Up Including Mothers Day, Brexit, The Voice & Jack Reacher


A Sad Loss

I’ve been a bit tardy lately updating this blog, but I’ve been really busy covering full time shifts for a workmate. My very dear colleague sadly lost her husband of less than a year on February 24th and the best way that I could help was by covering her shifts working in the bakery and making sure that she came back to the kitchen and stocks being in good shape and no stress. She was with her husband for 13 years before they got married last August and I’ve never seen anybody as happy as she was that day, it’s a damned shame that this lovely man was lost when you think of all of the bad people in this world.

Part Time Bliss

I found working full time very tiring at first as I have been working part time in various roles during the last 5 years. That was after working full time for 42 years and at least 2 shifts a week behind a bar for 10 years. I got used to it after 2 weeks, but I wouldn’t want to go back to full time employment after experiencing many weeks with 3 or 4 days off to please myself. I mostly use those days off to go swimming or visit my mum, daughter and grandkids, enjoying life really.

Mothering Sunday

ice skatingYesterday was mother’s day where mothers all over were treated to a show of appreciation by their kids. The post office sucked for me with a card from my daughter arriving today despite being posted first class 6 days ago. I just hope that my daughter’s birthday card arrived on her birthday today.

Looking back I think that the best mother’s day gift ever given to me was 4 years ago – an afternoon at a spa with my daughter and grandkids. Apart from enjoying the time with my lovely family I started to go swimming regularly after that, lost weight from the exercise and improve the osteoarthritis in my knees no end. This year we are going out with the grandkids for a joint mothers day and birthday celebration. My grandkids Harrison and Issie chose where we are going and that is ice skating, don’t know if I’m giving it a go yet after a break of over 20 years.

My grandkids like to choose where we go, last year we went wall to wall trampolining for my birthday and the year before we went to Bingley music festival at Myrtle Park. I managed to sit the trampolines out but shocked the kids when I got up and danced to Labrinth, might go again this year.

The Voice

Talking of music I know it’s not PC but I rather like watching the Voice. It might be my age, but apart from there being some good singers on there I like the interaction between the celebrity coaches. I was glad that Tom Jones was back this year, much prefer him to Boy George and he has got an awful lot of experience. Nutty Will.iam makes me laugh, Jennifer Hudson was a bit OTT for me but she has got an amazing voice. Like most people I had never heard of Gavin Rossdale before but I liked him very much. It was a shame that none of his acts got through to the final, I’ve always been a bit of a rocker and thought that his act Max Vickers is the act most likely to sell records and concert tickets. I’m sure that he will have a great career despite the setback.

Jack Reacher

I’ve always been a great reader and British author Lee Child became one of my favourite authors several years ago. When I heard that one of his books was going to be turned into a film I was looking forward to watching ‘Never Go Back’ until it was announced that Tom Cruise was going to be playing the role of Jack Reacher. I finally watched the film today and although I enjoyed it I could see why I felt that Tom Cruise was absolutely wrong for the part. After reading the books I imagined the hero to be taller, broader, unshaved, harder and tougher looking than the smart soft looking Tom Cruise, Just not the Jack Reacher I imagined.

Brexit Demands and Threats

At last! In 2 days time article 50 is due to be issued and that starts the 2 year countdown before we escape from the corrupt EU. Since June 23rd we have suffered 8 months of moaning and complaining from those who want to stay in the EU, court cases from those who do not truly support democracy, insults from those who think that Brexiteers are all thick and did not understand what we voted for and threats and demands from some EU politicians.

Brussels has been threatening to land a massive 60 billion euro leaving bill on the UK calling it obligation rather than a bill. Earlier today it was reported that Sweden have been demanding that we pay up, then later on another report came out saying that Sweden will refuse to make up the shortfall when the UK finally leave.

It’s all about the money……………………………..

When you think that the UK has been forking out one fifth of the EU budget for years when there are 28 countries and a lot of overspending going on in the unaudited failing project it’s downright disgusting that even more is being demanded of us. If they are true obligations fair enough, but stop giving us ultimatums and threatening us with severe consequences as EU negotiator Michel Barnier did today.

Yesterday I read a comment on an article from a remainer tediously saying that the Brexit vote was all about migration and nothing else. Comments like that make me wonder why some people don’t open their eyes and see the damage the EU has done to this country and is threatening to do. I wonder, do they really want to live in a small part of a superstate with no national identity, no control of laws, trading, taxes and budget. Ruled by unelected people that they are unlikely to have heard of and forking huge amounts of money out to support other countries rather than the sick and elderly here. Crackers isn’t it?

As for migration I’ve no doubt that came into the equation but only in part and justifiably. Over 3 million people have come to live in the UK in recent years. Something like 3 times more than Brits living in the 27 other EU countries. We were not prepared with housing, schools and healthcare for so many flooding in and that has damaged our infrastructure. Brussels and it’s supporters wanted open borders but that has backfired disastrously for the EU countries.

Open borders and Angela Merkel inviting them made it easier for migrants from Asia and Africa to travel around Europe causing enormous problems and lawlessness in some areas. Apart from that most of the massive amount of mainly male economic migrants cannot find jobs to support themselves and their families so hard working EU citizens have no choice but to support them and they don’t like it. Just as we don’t like being flooded with cheap labour while we have so many unemployed. Another thought is that the foolish invitation from Angela Merkel deceived a lot of migrants into believing that there was something more for them in Europe when there wasn’t and likely caused more deaths in the Mediterranean sea.

London Terror

Last but not least I would like to express my horror at the London terrorist attack and condolences to the families of those who died. I have no words to express how sick I felt at this and other terrorist attacks. R.I.P


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