Making Videos For Youtube And Learning From My Digital Ecourse


As you can see from the headline I’ve been pretty busy during the last couple of weeks learning and creating videos. As the ecourse came first I shall start with that.

Studying YouTube Video Making And Marketing

As I had been out of Internet marketing for several years I found that I had forgotten quite a lot about how to proceed with marketing my websites and attracting those all important visitors, so I took the opportunity of a 7 day free trial of an ecourse – Digital Marketing 4 in 1. The 4 in 1 topics are YouTube, Social Media, Website and Google.

When I had finished reading the first section on YouTube videos and marketing them to get views and traffic to your website I was rather pleased with the course, enough to pay the £19 fee for lifetime access. Maybe I could have read it all in a week but I wanted to use what I had learned from the YouTube training section before moving on to the next part.

I remembered some of the information but was surprised by just how much I had forgotten from my previous YouTube postings. I also learned a few new things, so the first part of this course was well worth the small spend. I’m now having fun making videos but more about that later.


The learning site OfCourse has a surprising amount of courses teaching many different subjects and at varying prices. Some of the learning subjects are British Sign Language, Professional Indian Head Massage Diploma, Microsoft Office, Start Your own Business, Reiki, Learn To Draw, Luxury Spa Facials, Nail Art Technician, Cake Making, Palmistry, Languages, event planning and a heck of a lot more. Most of the courses cost more than the one that I’m taking but if you are interested in learning more for yourself or as a gift then click on OfCourse now.

Making Videos For YouTube

About 6 years ago I paid to have some videos made professionally for my then websites and made some videos myself using the old windows movie maker. I had a lot of fun making them but looking at them now they are rather amateurish, though as you are allowed to place links in the videos and in the description that goes underneath the videos they did bring some traffic to my websites.

Now that I’m back blogging and Internet Marketing after a 5 year break I wanted to up my game and create more professional videos or slides and the old Windows Movie Maker doesn’t cut it for me anymore. Apart from that my new Windows 10 laptop doesn’t have a movie maker and I wanted to use this new HP laptop rather than my old Sony Viao to make videos rather than keep switching.

As I got a nice fat cheque from the Amazon affiliate programme I decided to invest some of my earnings on software called VideoMakerFX. I’ve been like a kid with a new toy playing around with it and find it very easy to use. So far I’ve made a couple of slideshows to promote my travel information site, one about Turkey travel  and the other about holidays in Singapore with some night views.

As I’m still practicing with VideoMakerFX the slideshows aren’t as professional as I’d like them yet, but they are better than the old Windows Movie Maker efforts. I’ll post them now to show you my first 2 creations with this software.

They were quick and surprisingly easy to make. I would say easier than the old Windows Movie Maker and look better. What took the longest was finding the pictures that I wanted, free to use legally on Pixabay and the creative commons. All of the photos were free and permission given for them to be used for commercial projects with no attribution – you must make sure that you use images legally. I added two music tracks which were supplied with the software so ready to go.

Once finished I uploaded them to my newly launched YouTube channel, added tags and my website links in the video description, pinged them and added them to my new travel facebook page, tweeted them and added them to Pinterest. I could have changed the music to one of the many tracks that YouTube supply, but I was happy with the tracks that I used.

I still have some work to do promoting the videos but I’m getting there. I’m quite pleased with VideoMakerFX so far. It didn’t cost much, only $47, but I think that it’s worth it. I’m enjoying making the slideshows, but I can use it to add animations and movies. For me it was the perfect step up from the Windows Movie Maker, enabling me to learn more without breaking the bank. In the future I might use the profits from my slides and videos and possibly making them for customers to buy a more upmarket video maker, but for now I’m happy.

If you would like more information about this software click on VideoMakerFX

If you are interested in the learning packages click on OfCourse. Now I’m going to attempt making an animated video.

This is the result of my third video making attempt with VideoMakerFX, getting better all of the time.


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