Labour Hypocrisy And Brexit Greed


Labour Party Hypocrisy

Jeremy Corbyn labour party leaderYesterday a leaflet promoting the Labour party dropped through my letter box and my first thought was ‘why are Labour electioneering 4 months after they LOST the general election?’ I know that some of the deluded Labourites believe that they won but really!

I took a closer look. Not because I was interested in what the leaflet had to say, but because my mum who died last month was a lifelong Labour supporter and with that little trick of the mind that you get after you have lost someone close I was thinking about discussing it with her.

The leaflet was about schools, growing classroom sizes, fewer teachers, not enough money spent on education and deteriorating education standards. I imagined that my mum would agree with what the leaflet was saying and so would I, but then I would say ‘Hang on, this leaflet blames the Tories for these problems, but aren’t they being hypocritical’.

My mum would ask why I was saying that and I would tell her that the last Labour government got this country into a lot of debt and that the Tories have had to cut back on spending because of the Labour mess. If we don’t cut back now future generations will suffer for it. My mum wouldn’t agree with me but we did enjoy those political discussions.

I would also remind her that it was Labour that had opened the migrant floodgates without preparing the infrastructure of this country for over 3 million extra people. With so many of those extra people being children more schools and more teachers would obviously be needed. Then there is the matter of so many families coming into this country who do not speak English. How does a school with a limited budget cope with children speaking multiple languages all in one classroom – with great difficulty I should imagine.

My mum and I would end up agreeing to disagree and end our little foray into politics, but I know that I will never agree with what the Labour party has become in recent years and I have grown to think of them as a bunch of hypocrites.

Brexit, soft or hard? It isn't flipping cheese you know

It’s become more and more clear lately that the biggest thing delaying trade talks with the EU is their incessant demands for billions of pounds of British taxpayer’s money. They have been offered 20 billion for a transition period of 2 years and I think that is more than fair.

It seems to be Germany and France who are the main demanding culprits, but they know that it will cost them more to prop up poorer countries when we leave. They reckon that it is money owed to the EU by us – haven’t we paid them enough over the years? They say that we agreed to future projects and must pay our share.

Future projects like improving German and Polish roads when ours are in disrepair. Future projects like the new European history museum in Brussels (close to another museum) that seems to be trying to rewrite history. Glossing over Germany’s brutal part in the last two World Wars and diminishing the huge part that the UK played in rescuing Europe. I don’t recall ever having a vote on spending taxpayer’s money on roads in other countries or unnecessary vanities like museums built to appease the Germans.

I could go on about the EU greed and money wasting schemes but I haven’t got all day. One thing that the EU are happy to forget is our massive contribution towards EU assets and that includes the misleading vanity museum. They reckon that we are not entitled to any of the assets yet they are demanding huge ‘divorce’ payments. Hello, aren’t assets considered as joint when divorce settlements are made.

I reckon that we were conned into the common market and they are now trying to con us as we leave. Conned because we voted for a trading partnership only, we never voted to be a small part of a superstate that wants to make our laws, dictate our taxes and take our money and our dignity. The EU supporters reckon that being part of the EU has stopped wars in Europe – isn’t that because Germany and France, the main aggressors during the last 200 years haven’t started any wars. Instead they are taking over by stealth using the EU.

I will be glad when we break clear of the Brussels bunch and make our own future. I just hope that the Conservative party negotiators stand firm and do not cave in to the EU’s unreasonable demands. I personally think that they are not bothered about anything else but money.

What Would Labour Do To Leave The EU?

I was never totally sure whether my mother voted to leave the EU or remain, but I am sure that she would be disgusted at the demands being made of us whatever she voted. As a lifelong Labour voter she would probably support whatever stance the Labour party take, but I’m also certain that she would be just as unsure of that as I and the rest of the country.

At the head of the party there is Eurosceptic Jeremy Corbyn who campaigned and won votes in the last election by supporting Brexit. Then he does a u turn because he has to do as the unions and the Labour party tell him. For all of their complaining about the negotiations the Labour party cannot spell out what they would aim for in the negotiations so more hypocrisy really.

It leaves me thinking that they would pay the billions being unfairly asked for and say yes to everything demanded of us. They would pay to get a trade agreement no matter how bad, despite the fact that it would cost the EU more than us if we traded under WTO rules. They would keep the floodgates open for migrants and let the European Court of Justice continue overruling our laws. In that case there would be little point leaving the EU. As Theresa May said ‘No deal is better than a bad deal’.

I just hope that our negotiators stay strong and that if they are pushed far enough walk away. At the end of the day if there isn’t a fairly agreed deal by March 29th 2019 then we have to leave with no deal.

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