Keep On Giving up Smoking: My New Years Resolution


My New Years Resolution: Keep On Giving up Smoking

Every year millions of people all over the world make New Years Resolutions, but an awful lot of those promises are broken pretty soon. The most popular resolutions are to stop smoking or lose weight, both difficult to do in their own way. This year I will be making an Old Years resolutions and this is:

To carry on giving up smoking  and never put one of those disgusting, addictive, foul smelling, cancerous things in my mouth ever again.quit smoking

There I’ve said it. Do you know how much it means to me and anybody else who manages to stop smoking to be able to say that and know that this time you really mean it? When you watch TV programmes like the X Factor, beauty pageants or Strictly Come Dancing the contestants always seem to say that winning means the world to them. Well in the real world stopping smoking truly can mean the world to you when you have smoked for many years.

I started when I was 14, it was easy to buy separates from corner shops and then graduate to packs of 5 Park Drive if you got some extra spending money or had a pal to share the cost with. Back then in the 60s it was cool to smoke, the height of sophistication if you were an impressionable teenager. We just didn’t know the health risks that went hand in hand with looking sophisticated to our peers.

Then the health risks became known but when you are addicted your needs overcome what is good for you. It is hard to stop smoking, very hard for most of us nicotine addicts. Every now and then you try to stop but more often than not you weaken and start smoking again. You create a pattern until eventually you manage to break that pattern and stop – that is if you don’t die from smoking related illnesses first.

I will be ending the old and starting the new year as a non smoker and that will be for the first time in 40 years. I won’t have a smokers cough or get out of breath while I am partying. Those who I give a new years hug or kiss to will smell Opium perfume on me and not be repulsed by the disgusting ashtray smell. I won’t have to go outside in the cold with the other outcasts who share the horrible habit and I can brag about how much money I have saved.

Very important to me and one of the reasons that I stopped back in May is a massive improvement in my circulation. Last winter I suffered from a lot of excruciating pain in my fingers from Reynauds syndrome. At times it was frightening because there was no circulation in my fingers and it was difficult to get my fingers warm enough to get the blood flowing again.

As I work in a shop that sells chilled and frozen products I couldn’t always keep my fingers warm and they and my livelihood were at risk. Now that I don’t smoke those problems have lessened to such an extent that it is just an occasional minor nuisance now. Sometimes it was too painful to use my computer keyboard but now there isn’t a problem.

For those of you who despair of ever giving up smoking my story is proof that eventually you can stop. With my weak willpower it took a lot of attempts using different methods to stop but eventually I found the way that works best for me and that was electronic cigarettes. I used them to gradually get rid of my nicotine addiction and I don’t smoke anything now – nor am I addicted to anything.

One of the things that I did to help myself was to build a blog and keep an online diary. Knowing that other people would be watching how I did strengthened my resolve and my diary was there to stop me from slipping. Success in giving up smoking at last!



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