Is Your New Years Resolution Giving Up Smoking?


Every year thousands of people make new yearsquit smoking resolutions to quit smoking and this year will be no exception. Working in a shop that sells cigarettes, countless customers have told me that they are going to give up smoking in the new year and I know that most of them won’t succeed.

Quitting smoking is not easy, it took me 40 years to finally stop. I must have made that resolution nearly every year and the other favourite ‘I’m giving up smoking on Monday’. Neither worked for me for long, a few days and I’d be back to smelling like a stinky old ashtray. Patches worked for a few weeks, but as I worked behind a bar back in the days that smoking was allowed in pubs I practically overdosed on the added nicotine from customer’s cigarettes. Cold turkey wasn’t an option for me at all.

It was an electronic cigarette that finally helped me to quit smoking. I read about them online, ordered one and some cartridges for around £50, smoked that instead of cigarettes and stopped entirely within 3 months. I didn’t have any withdrawal symptoms with using the ecig, I’m fitter and healthier, smell better and have saved a small fortune. I was able to drop some hours and work part time instead of full time because I wasn’t spending on cigs.

It is now nearly 8 years since I bought that electronic cigarette. I still don’t smoke, nor am I tempted to. Following is an article that I wrote about quitting smoking 7 years ago:

My New Years Resolution: Keep On Giving up Smoking

Every year millions of people all over the world make New Years Resolutions, but an awful lot of those promises are broken pretty soon. The most popular resolutions are to stop smoking or lose weight, both difficult to do in their own way. This year I will be making an Old Years resolutions and this is:

To carry on giving up smoking  and never put one of those disgusting, addictive, foul smelling, cancerous things in my mouth ever again. Read more

Waiting For a Train With Electronic Cigarettes

I was waiting at the bus stop today. It was cold and the darned bus was late again. The lady stood next to me was obviously annoyed and restlessly got out her ecig to puff on. I was glad that it wasn’t smelly tobacco smoke that’s for sure. The bus turned up 8 minutes late and during that time I thought back to May 2009 when I first bought an electronic cigarette from the Internet. Read more




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