Human Rights Cover Up Madness


eu most wantedEvery day there seems to be at least one absurd news story, either about the EU or human rights and today I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read in the news about Europol’s cracking idea for a Christmas advent calendar.

The calendar features mugshots of 23 criminals who are on the run from the law. All of them have committed serious crimes which include terrorism, murder, drug trafficking and kidnapping and all of them deserve locking up for their crimes. So I think that it’s great to see Europol being proactive in releasing this calendar which could do a great deal towards protecting innocent people from the scum of the earth by getting them locked up.

That is until human rights get involved. Apparently because of human rights laws and data protection acts in some European countries mugshots of dangerous criminals can’t be shared online. That is, not unless their eyes are covered by a black rectangle which would make identifying the felons much more difficult.

That makes me angry. I totally believe that dangerous criminals like these should forfeit some of their their human rights once they commit a crime. It sometimes seems that criminals have more human rights than decent law abiding citizens, but that is probably because most of us do not try to hide behind human rights laws or use them to our advantage..

It’s time to rewrite human rights laws in favour of the people and not criminals. If it helps to get criminals behind bars then expose their full faces to the world instead of hiding them like a male stripper’s bits. Stop the abuse of human rights laws by those who use them to escape deportation and even disgustingly use taxpayers money to get their way.

That was today’s ridiculous news story anyway, what do you think about it?

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A Serial Killer’s Human Rights

It’s not that long since murderer Joanna Dennehy was suing the government for damages. She claimed a violation of her human rights because she was segregated in prison after a discovery of a plot to escape by her. She lost her damages claim, but not before a lot of taxpayers money would have been spent on her claims. Money that would be better spent on hospitals, cancer research, the elderly, or almost anything but this twisted serial killer.

What happened to the human rights of her victims?


















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