Great Britain: Do Women Wear The Trousers?


Great Britain: Do Women Wear The Trousers?

I noticed something when I was out and about today. Nothing earth shattering I dare say, but something interesting that made me think, even if it was only interesting to me.

I must have seen hundreds of women of all ages going about their business on my way to the swimming pool 2 miles and 2 bus journeys from my home and a walk through the shopping centre. Not one of those women was wearing a skirt or a dress. So what you might ask, but the reason why I thought more about the skirtless society is because this is modern day Britain.

Twenty years ago even, there would have been ladies wearing skirts or dresses during the day, even at this time of year mid November. That would probably have been mostly the older generation, or shop and office workers and the odd Scotsman in a kilt of course. Older ladies are doing trousers and jeans now and shop and office workers get trousers with their uniforms. Nearly all of the women today were wearing leggings or skinny jeans like myself, just a few older ones wearing baggy or bell bottomed pants.

I went on to think about the last time that I wore anything but trousers and suspect that it was something like 15 years ago. I’ve got lots of dresses and skirts in my wardrobe but they were bought for a slimmer me. I keep promising myself that with the help of the swimming I’ll fit into them again, but then I wonder if I’ll keep on wearing pants because they are so much more comfortable to wear.

When I think about it the only female that I know that doesn’t wear trousers is my 86 year old mum, but that’s because she has difficulty getting pants or tights on.

Of course it’s a bit different in the evening and especially at the weekend. Women young and old going out glammed up with skirts up to their armpits nearly or at the other end of the fashion spectrum maxi skirts sweeping the floor. I still opt for pants though, but why do women want to wear the trousers?

I don’t think it’s a feminist thing despite us being on our second lady prime minister (we are beating the US at that :)). Let’s look at the pros and cons of wearing trousers:


  • They are more comfortable to wear than skirts
  • Trousers are warmer in the winter
  • You don’t have to wear killer heels with them – flatties rule!
  • You can go knickerless and not worry about drafts
  • You don’t have to worry about pervs looking up your skirt
  • You don’t have to wear nylon tights or stockings


errrrr, never mind let’s enjoy British band Madness and Baggy Trousers


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