Give Trump A Chance


Yesterdays inauguration of Donald Trump was a glittering occasion marred by violent protests and demonstrations across the US and even here in cities across the UK. I ended up feeling disgusted at the protesters and wondering what this world is coming to. I could understand it if it was demonstrations against a fixed third world election, but in the West we are supposed to be better educated, more sophisticated and more democratic.

I don’t call it democratic to riot just because you don’t like the outcome of an election. I don’t call it democratic to destroy other people’s property just because you don’t like the outcome of an election. It was even reported that Liberal activists targeted, abused and held hostage two American servicemen during Donald Trump’s inauguration. Absolutely disgraceful.

We have had demonstrations here in the UK against Brexit. People trying to block our leaving of the European Union despite them losing a democratic vote. Here and in the US certain sections of the public are trying to force their misguided views on the rest of us despite their politics being shown not to work in recent years. The people want a change and that’s what we’re getting, like it or lump it.

They are even calling those who voted Trump in, Brexiters and other movements across Europe Populist, making it sound like an insult. I rather like being a populist when according to Wikipedia ‘Populism is a political style of action that mobilizes a large alienated element of population against a government seen as controlled by an out-of-touch closed elite that acts on behalf of its own interests.’

Yesterday in London the protesters were out in force outside the US embassy with that airhead singer Lily Allen joining in. I wish that so called celebrities would stop interfering in politics. She has made herself look a fool so many times with her outspoken opinions yet she still doesn’t keep quiet. Lily and her supporters need to learn, just like those who were protesting in the US; that their disgusting actions are more likely to turn decent people against them and towards what they are protesting about – that’s human nature.

Donald Trump is the president of the US whether the protesters like it or not. They are accusing him of being a threat to minorities a racist bigot, sexist, homophobic. Perhaps he is, but those views are quite typical for his generation. I’m not making excuses for him. I don’t like those traits, but I don’t know the man personally so I can’t get offended by what are said to be his views.

He isn’t just a wealthy businessman anymore. As the leading politician he will have to temper those views and do what is the best for the people. He will be guided by his aides and will have to be very careful about everything that he says and does. He might just make a decent job of being president. I really hope so despite the misgivings I had when I wrote the article A New President: A New Beginning? the day after he was elected.

I still have misgivings, but I am hopeful that I may be wrong. I’m pleased that he loves the UK and wants to support us through Brexit with trade deals, not like the ex President Obama who said that Britain would be back of the queue. There are those who believe that Donald Trump will start the third world war. I hope not and wonder if his ‘friendship’ with Putin might bring peace not war. His inauguration speech was good and makes me hopeful. You can watch the Donald Trump inauguration speech in the video below.

All I am saying is give Trump a chance.


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