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Gina Miller

I don’t pretend to be the most intelligent person or think that I know it all but I can see well enough how remainer Gina Miller is trying to thwart Brexit regardless of the fact that the majority voted to leave the EU. This woman has taken the government to court and now Gina Miller is crowdfunding to raise money to use in the general election to prevent the UK from a hard Brexit.

Hard or Soft Brexit

Fact is that a hard or soft Brexit will come down to the negotiations and how much our government can get Brussels to back down from their threats and demands – even I a humble shop worker know that. If the EU insist that we retain free movement and or obey their laws in exchange for being in the single market I’m sure that the majority of voters will not find it acceptable and would prefer to walk away with no deal rather than one that ties us to the very things that we voted against. We are more likely to be offered a bad deal if the EU negotiators can see that the country is divided and that is common sense.


Surely the so called businesswoman can see that leaving the failing EU can only be good for this country. I say so called because it is her husband who became rich through managing hedge funds. The company that the ex model Gina Miller now runs with her husband has failed to make a profit since it was founded in 2011. You can read more about it if you click here.  Respect to her for speaking out against the charities, but not for her Brexit battles.

The EU & Trade Deals

The EU has grown too big making it difficult to strike trade deals when 28 countries all want a say in decisions and not all agree. It wasn’t long before we were being offered trade deals by countries outside the EU and surely it will be simpler and quicker to look outwards and strike our own deals without the EU delays.

It’s All About Money

We are one of the largest financial contributors while many of the EU countries get far more back than they put into the EU kitty. Why are we subsidising those countries when our wonderful health service and social care services are short on funds? It’s obvious that EU leaders are worried about losing the UK’s contributions, but the high divorce bill they are asking is far too much and especially considering the billions that this country has made over 40 plus years.

Barista Visa

Why are we importing low paid workers when there are over 1,5000,000 people in the UK unemployed? There has even talk from the Government of a so called Barista visa valid for 2 years. The idea being that foreign workers could come to the UK on that visa, train to be a Barista or Bar person and then leave after working here for 2 years. With so many unemployed in the UK I should think that there are plenty of unemployed people who are capable of being baristas or working a bar. Not high enough wages for our unemployed? Kept down by too many foreign workers maybe. Plenty of people including myself manage perfectly well on minimum wages or not much more, maybe our unemployed should have more pride and be forced to give it a go.

The Common Market

Sure our membership was a good idea back in the 70s when I myself voted to stay in the common market because we were told that it was just a trading group. I and many of the voters would never have agreed to a political union and eventually being a small part of a superstate potentially run mainly by Germany, a nation that twice in the previous 100 years had tried to dominate Europe. My father predicted that back in the 70s and I didn’t agree with him, I was wrong.

National Pride

One of the reasons that I voted to leave the EU was because I don’t want to see this country be swallowed up by a superstate. I am British first and foremost and proud of that. This small island has achieved too many great things to be bullied by a bunch of unelected Europeans and that is what they are trying to do with their threats and demands. We Brits are too stubborn to let that happen, but what would Gina Miller know about that when she is not English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish by birth. What gives her the right to fight against what the people voted fair and square for?

Tactical Voting

There has been talk of tactical voting by the Lib Dems, Labour and the Green party whereby they would agree to field just one candidate with the strongest chance of winning a seat from the Conservative party. Not only do I think that it’s a sign of desperation I also think that it’s unethical denying the electorate a full choice of candidates.

Then wee Kranky tried to get those parties to agree to form a government together if they got enough seats between them to beat the Tories. Nicola Sturgeon has got a nerve, but even Jeremy Corbyn had the common sense not to agree to that unholy alliance. Theresa May predicted chaos if that happened, I predict that as soon as Nicola Sturgeon got permission to hold a referendum and in the unlikely event of Scotland voting to quit the union the other parties would be left high and dry with the Conservatives having to take over and repair the damage caused by those fools.

Oh well, it’s all very interesting but we really do need to get out of the EU and make this country even greater. If only that woman and the rest of the remoaners could see that.

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