Forgot Presents? Get Gift Cards


Buying Christmas presents is a tradition of the Western world or Christian societies and rather a nice one. It’s basically about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, but for me it’s also about getting together with the family get and giving you loved ones gifts.

I’ve been really good this year for buying all of my Christmas presents and getting them wrapped and ready for the mad scramble to unwrap them. That’s unusual for me, normally Christmas sort of creeps up on me and I end up rushing around trying to find the perfect gifts at the last minute.

Sometimes I’ve forgotten somebody, or received an unexpected gift and need to find something suitable quickly. Gift vouchers are perfect for those times, either with cards or email gift vouchers.

My 86 year old mum started sending me to buy gift cards several years ago. Much easier for her as she can’t get out and about to shop now, just holds the queue up in the post office when I buy at least a dozen for her. Next year I think that I’ll buy her gift cards online, save causing queues. I’ve used this years already on Amazon, bought a carry bag to protect my new laptop while I carry it around.

Working in a shop I see mostly men, but some women shoppers looking for last minute gifts desperately on Christmas eve. The same happens on Easter Sunday or Monday, customers wanting Easter eggs that have sold out. I point them in the direction of gift vouchers if we don’t have anything else suitable for them to give as presents.

This year with the threat of a postal strike it was common sense to shop early, but even if I hadn’t I could have still bought email gift vouchers that my friends and family could spend easily online.

The only downside to giving gift cards is that they can go out of date, so do check the expiry date on your gift vouchers and get them spent.

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