Floods, Power Cuts and Image Making

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Yesterday was quite a day. I designed the image on the left, we had a power cut and it rained so much that there were floods in the area and some of the roads were blocked. Even the road to the hospital was blocked still today, which is worrisome. Airedale hospital was opened in July 1970. I can vaguely remember before the building started in 1966 that the land that the hospital was built on flooded in winter. I was only a child then but I have this picture in my head of flooded fields.

Airedale hospital is about 4 miles outside the town centre and when it opened it replaced 2 hospitals in the town. With the road flooding it makes me wonder if it would have been safer to build it in Keighley, but I guess that would have been well researched in the planning.

It’s a good hospital and I’ve been well looked after the 3 times that I’ve had to stay in there. A friend from work is being looked after in hospital at the moment and to cheer him up I designed the graphic on this page for him and posted it on Facebook for him to see.

I bought the image maker yesterday morning on impulse and am enjoying using it very much. I used to run a leaflet design service and a little magazine in the early 2000s and have been missing the creativity up until now. Once I’ve used it more I’ll review it on here.

I had to leave home in the deluge yesterday. I was working in the shop from 6 pm until 11pm and was soaked when I got there even though I got a taxi. We loved it when we and half of the town had a power cut for about 30 minutes and we could shut up shop. It was just a shame that we couldn’t make a hot cuppa it was so cold with the heating off.

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When I got home the cat was looking a bit freaked out. My desktop computer had turned on by itself and was making whirring noises and both of my laptops had turned off. I’ve only got 2 because my old laptop is 7 years old now and as I do a lot of work on it decided to treat myself to a new more up to date laptop (that’s the one on the left) for my birthday 2 weeks ago. I was worried that it might have been damaged by the power surge when the electric came back on but it’s ok.

My washing machine was set to start at 1.00 am to use the economy 7 and that didn’t work, my storage heater went haywire and I’ll have to reset it, but my electric blanket turned on so that was bliss!


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