Cookers, Curtain Hooks and Changes in the Market


I’ve been living off cold meals all week because of my cooker breaking down and my failure to buy a new one last week and it’s getting pretty boring. The television that I bought instead of a cooker is still sitting on the sofa because I can’t make my mind up whether to take the new one upstairs and have a bigger TV to watch in bed or take the old one upstairs and buy a Freeview box  for it or get Virgin digital upstairs as well as downstairs. I think that it will be the former because the new TV is much lighter and easier to get upstairs.

This week I needed to buy some new curtain hooks first before looking for a cooker again. My cat Sparky had jumped onto my bedroom window and got caught up in the curtain. The plastic curtain hooks  broke in half and the curtain came down on top of her, giving her enough of a fright to go and hide behind the vacuum that she normally runs away from. I had to put up with daylight too early in my bedroom for a couple of days until I could get into town.

We went to the market my mum and I. We meet every Friday for lunch and have done for over 20 years. This week we went to one of the several cafes on the outskirts of the market and after some excellent sandwiches we went looking for curtain hooks on a stall that hasn’t changed since the market opened nearly 40 years ago. Lots of plastic containers full of buttons, fancy pins, press studs, hooks and eyes, plastic eyes for stuffed toys, needles, bobbins of cotton, a variety of different types of cloth and anything else that you can imagine you would need for sewing.

I said that the stall hadn’t changed but there was a massive difference. For many years it was owned and run by 2 elderly sisters, but today a lovely young gay Asian man (is that politically incorrect I wonder) served me. At first I just thought that he was from one of the clothes stalls and looking after the stall as they do, as a favour while the stallholder nipped out. I asked for curtain hooks and he asked which type of curtains they were for, reeling off the different types quicker than I could think. He obviously belonged on that stall and it was a real pleasure being served by him, in fact more of a pleasure than the grumpy previous owners! I got metal curtain hooks so that should stop the cat from bringing it down again, just hope it isn’t the wooden curtain pole on her head next time.

I then went looking for a cooker at the Co-op and found what I was looking for straight away, though it costs quite a lot more than the same model on Amazon. A ceramic hob  again but instead of a double oven with combined grill I chose one with a grill and an oven. Every time that I’ve had a combined grill/oven the grill has broken down just after the guarantee has run out. I figure that with them separate neither will get used as much so I might have more of a chance of making the grill last longer. I also made sure that the on/off buttons were straightforward, I’m getting really fed up with complicated appliances that I need to read instructions for every time that I use them.

I’m really looking forward to cheese on toast again and I’ve just realised that I won’t have to give my old cooker the clean it was due because it’s getting taken away ha ha.


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