Brexit Soft Or Hard? It’s Not Flipping Cheese You Know


Soft or Hard?

I’m getting rather fed up with the terms soft and hard as far as Brexit is concerned and think that they are just words used by the remoaners who want to stay in the EU or think that the single market is the be all and end all. I don’t believe for one minute that the negotiators from either side are going into it with plans for a hard Brexit. Unless they are fools than the negotiating teams should try to get the best deal for both sides.

Brexit, soft or hard? It isn't flipping cheese you knowTheresa May has constantly been accused of going for a hard Brexit yet all she has ever said is that ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’. I happen to agree with that. If I wanted to make a deal on a house and if I found out that it had no roof, windows or doors I would not give an arm and a leg over it’s value. If the EU keep demanding too much with little in return then it would be better for us to walk away without a deal. If that happened because of the EU trying to punish us then they would be cutting their noses off to spite their faces. For us at least we would be able to start making our own trade deals, it sucks that we are not allowed to until we officially leave the EU.

One things for sure, if they try to force their 4 freedoms on us we will have to walk away without a deal. We voted out of those 4 freedoms, something that negotiators on both sides are very much aware of.

Sink or Sell?

fishing in British waters after BrexitOne of the good things about leaving the EU is that we should be able to get our fishing waters back for our own fishermen and stop EU fishermen from over fishing them.

Unfortunately one of the annoying things about the European Union is that although the UK tends to stick to the rules not everybody else does. Yesterday there was an article in a national newspaper called ‘We’ll come ANYWAY’ European fishing chief’s plot to DEFY UK sovereignty and Royal Navy’. He reckons that we haven’t got enough navy to stop them illegally fishing in our waters.

We soon could have if we confiscate their boats and auction them off to fund more coastguard boats, better than cluttering up the sea by sinking their boats.

Be More Patriotic Over Brexit

Another news article yesterday was about saint Tim Farron complaining about Tory MP Andrea Leadsom telling Newsnight interviewer Emily Maitlis to be more patriotic over Brexit. I didn’t see all of the interview but what I did see was the interviewer being aggressive and stopping Andrea Leadsom from answering her questions properly by arrogantly talking over her. Not a very good interviewer I think. You can see the article at: Brexit: Andrea Leadsom sparks backlash after calling for broadcasters to be ‘patriotic’ over Brexit

EU Citizen Rights

Last week Theresa May made a decent offer to protect the rights of EU nationals who are living in the UK providing the EU do the same for our ex pats. Apparently her offer wasn’t good enough and the EU want to continue to control the UK with their laws. A German MP has even said that British law isn’t good enough, this is what the plonker is saying: ‘British law is not good enough’ German MEP warns UK can never sever ties to EU courts.

Why does he think that we voted to leave the EU I wonder. This fannying around is unfair to the 3 million plus EU nationals living in the UK and the million plus British ex pats living in EU countries. It must be very worrying for them not knowing what rights they are going to have post Brexit. Personally I think that Theresa May’s offer was very generous. I would send all of those who aren’t working and any criminals back to their own countries.farmer on his tractor

Farmers and other employers of unskilled labour are worried that they won’t have enough workers once we get out of the EU. I was wondering what farmers did before we got all of that cheap labour from the EU and I seem to remember that students used to work on farms during the summer and at harvest time. As for other unskilled vacancies perhaps our 1500,000 unemployed should be made to get up off their backsides and fill those jobs at the threat of losing their benefits. It’s annoying when you have worked hard all of your life and you see scivers who think that they are too good to do just any job and not get paid much more than their benefits.

Comparing Brexit to WWII

74 year old Lib Dem Sir Vince Cable, who lost his seat in the 2015 election and regained it 2 weeks ago is already starting to get on people’s nerves by comparing Brexit to world war 2. Today he said ‘It’s not killing people but it’s on the same scale’ Vince Cable compares Brexit to WWII. Of course we all know that Brexit is nothing like the last world war or any other. I feel offended on behalf of my late father and all of the other members of the armed forces who suffered greatly during WWII. Apparently Sir Vince is currently the only candidate so far to lead the Lib Dems, sorry but this remainer should have stayed retired he is too old for the job.

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