Brexit Means Brexit: Blooming Get On With It And Stop The Moaning


It’s getting really annoying now. The high court judgement last week was bloody annoying, but remainers like Tim Farron and Nicola Sturgeon are really getting up my nose.

In today’s news it was being said that up to 80 mps are now backing Farron and the Lib Dem party’s call for a second referendum on the terms of our leaving. You can check that out if you click here. Tim Farron said “Article 50 would proceed but only if there is a referendum on the terms of the deal and if the British people are not respected then, yes, that is a red line and we would vote against the government.”

Am I being stupid here? I know that I’m not an elitist left wing luvvie, just a working class woman without a fancy degree, but surely the terms need to be negotiated and agreed with the EU, not this Farron bloke and his remainer pals. I’m pretty sure that our negotiating team will try to get the best deal possible for our country and I’m sure that these mps know that too.

What’s the problem with them then?

Could it be that they are trying to create a scenario where they delay things by discussing and deciding the so called ‘red line’ in parliament, then delay things further by calling another referendum which will cost taxpayers a small fortune. The EU would be laughing their socks off knowing that they will be in an even stronger position because they have had advance warning of the ‘red line’ and all they have to do is say no to delay things even more.

Then of course it would have to go back to parliament for another debate and deciding the red line again, then yet another expensive referendum and the EU could say no again – rinse and repeat. With this scenario is arrogant Tim Farron and his pals could delay things so long that we never leave the EU? but of course that’s what they want.

Don’t they realise that all of the complaining and blocking tactics are being seen by normal decent people for what they are and that the more they try to block our exit the more people are getting annoyed with them and supporting Brexit. What do you think about the blocking of Brexit, please leave a comment below.

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