Are World Leaders Mad Enough To Start World War 3?


On Thursday my heart sank when I saw the news headlines US drops BIGGEST ever non-nuclear bomb’. The bomb even has a nickname ‘MOAB’, or the mother of all bombs – sick really to nickname a bomb. The article made frightening reading and was not unexpected because of the posturing going on amongst certain world leaders.

What was unexpected was that the target was Isis tunnels in Afghanistan. As I read on I expected to learn that America had bombed Syria again, or North Korea because there has been far more focus on those countries than Afghanistan recently.

Donald Trump promised to fight terrorism, but bombing 2 different countries in just over a week makes me wonder just how bad things are going to get. Of course Russia has to get in on the act and brag about their bomb, which is 4 times bigger than the bomb the US dropped, that’s been nicknamed ‘FOAB’ or father of all bombs. Warmongers might think it’s clever to nickname bombs and brag about who has the biggest (like little boys in the playground), but those of us who have some common sense do not think that it’s clever.

The papers have been full of news on these bombings and also the threats to the US from the madman in North Korea. Anyone who can order all of the men in a country to copy the same crappy hairstyle as his either has to be a joke or insane. Apparently Kim Jong Un is so superhuman that he learned to drive when he was just 3 and never needs to use the loo, plenty of verbal diarrhoea though. If he didn’t have so much power he would be a joke. He certainly is to some of his army who are now probably facing execution for laughing at the madman.

On to a more civilised world leader, or is he? President Trump has sent a warship to the Korean Peninsular and has threatened Kim Jong Un with bombing if the North Korean dares to test another nuclear weapon. Of course mad Kim Jong Un had to save face and attempt to launch a missile, he couldn’t do with the world laughing at him. The missile launch failed, could be for any one of these reasons: Dodgy design, dodgy workmanship, hacked to make it fail or the only way the despot could save face without starting world war 3. It’s also been suggested that the missiles paraded in North Korea were made out of wood and painted to look real, crazy!

So Donald Trump ordered the bombing in Syria because chemical weapons were used, the bombing in Afghanistan that killed over 90 Isis maniacs in their rat tunnels and is threatening to bomb North Korea. That’s all in just over a week and he’s only been the president of the USA for 6 months.

Then there is Putin trying to create the most powerful military force for Russia. Troops massing on the Korean border but in support of North Korea I believe. Supporting Syria’s president Assad who used chemical weapons against his own people. Therefore siding against the USA and much of the western world.

Trump, Putin, Assad and Jong Un, all powerful in different measures and all warmongering whether it be starting horrors or trying to stop them. Most of the world do not want world war 3, do not want death and destruction. We want to live our lives peacefully but as long as men like these hold powerful positions it won’t happen. I fear for my daughter and grandchildren living in this mad world.



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