Are They Taking The Mickey Out Of Great Britain?


During the last week a great deal of consternation has been caused by the ‘children’ being fetched into the UK from the Calais jungle before it is cleared. I don’t think most of us begrudge removing innocent children from the unsafe, unsavoury shanty town environment they have been living in and bringing them into Britain to be cared for, but there are limits to our patience.

When pictures of the first and second batches of saved ‘children’ were shown it was obvious that some of them were grown men in their 20s and 30s not children, and as grown men were not entitled to enter the UK. Apparently charity workers and government officials in Calais decided that they were children between the ages of 14 and 17, or were naive enough to believe what they were told by the migrants. This has caused an outcry and after that the migrants being brought into the country have been covered with blankets like prisoners being taken to and from court.

It has been said that in recent years at least 65% of migrants claiming to be children and therefore given preferential treatment that kids need have been proven to be adults and not children. The migrants claiming to be kids have either thrown away any proof of who they are and their age or have never had any documentation.

It seems that the only way that a persons age can be determined with anything near accuracy is with a dental xray. The British government have decided not to carry dental tests out because they think it too intrusive. Well I say beggar that and get those dental exams started. Some have used facial recognition software on the migrant’s photos and said that it proves they are lying about their age, but I once used it on my picture and it said that I was 20 years younger than I was at the time 🙂

I guess that I’m a selfish, heartless Brexiter (they get blamed for everything nowadays) as one online commenter called those who are angry with the deception being used by some of the migrants. What I am is annoyed that grown adults are taking the places of young children who need our help. I’m angry when I think of the young children being left to whatever fate overcomes them because of these selfish, heartless, lying adult migrants. In my world you look after kids first and foremost and that’s the way it should always be.

There is no doubt that some of the migrants are unaccompanied genuine kids and I shudder to think of why they are on their own with no relatives to look after them and keep them safe. Some have travelled thousands of miles, sent by their parents with people smugglers, with friends or under their own steam. They took massive risks with their safety to get to Calais and try to reach members of their family in Great Britain and deserve our help.

Who knows what dangers that the genuine children have faced during their travels and in the Calais jungle. Apparently the last time the jungle was partially cleared 100 children went missing.That’s quite alarming when you think of the evil people who might take advantage of them.

One question that I have been asking myself is why the French government have been not only allowing the jungle to exist but letting unaccompanied children live there instead of putting them in foster homes or orphanages whilst their future was settled, be it here or in France. Am I naive in thinking that every nation has a duty to look after lone children?

Now, due to bungling charity workers and government officials and deception we have umpteen grown men masquerading as children who could be placed in schools, foster homes or orphanages alongside genuine children and putting them at risk. We also have children who will lose their chance to come here to safety because of these selfish men. I say that the older looking ones should be given the dental tests and every one that is proven not to be a child should be sent back, we do not want the mickey taking out of us or genuine refugee children. What do you think?


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