Welcome to the Britster site. As you can probably guess I’m a Brit and proud of it. We in the UK have gone through some pretty monumental times this year (2016) and I’m sure Brexiter or Remainer we are looking ahead to the future and what will happen once we are free from the EU.

I’m not going to dredge anything up here, or say what way I voted, that’s all water under the bridge – unless of course something happens. What I will say is that I love Europe and so do most Brits, it was the EU dictatorship so many of us fell out with and the EU is not Europe.

However, like most Europeans I’m very patriotic and want to support my country, it’s products and anything British associated. So I have decided to build this site to celebrate everything British, including British products, British customs, places and quirks. I will also be giving my opinion on some current affairs, please feel free to state your opinion in the comment section, but no spam will be published.

I bought this domain name from a British company 123.reg.uk that I’ve been happily using for over 10 years and can highly recommend. I chose Britster, not only because it’s blooming hard to find any suitable domain names because of the huge demand but because I want to make this site fun. When I found out the meaning of Britster according to the urban dictionary and then the Italian Touch I had to smile:

A Britster is a person who is adorable, hilarious, giving, caring and spontaneous

A Britster is a fashion addict from the hipster revolution, reworks trends, fades his hair and has a contemporary biker style.

I think that I’m going to give the word a new meaning and that’s a person who loves all things British.

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