A New President: A New Beginning?


A New President

Much of the world was gobsmacked today to wake up to the news that the US has got a new president in Donald TrumpDonald Trump. Even this side of the pond it matters who the president of the USA is and how they carry out their term of presidency because the American president is the most powerful person in the world. So much power in the wrong hands is scary.

We tend to mostly get headlines, scandal and gossip over here so pardon me if I am lacking in knowledge. I thought that Hillary Clinton would win until a few days ago when the FBI put the kaibosh on her chances. They backed down, I could be wrong but that’s why I thought the Donald got enough votes to win. Not that I thought much about either candidate after all of the publicity claiming them both to be dodgy characters. I don’t know about that but it is off putting when you feel that the world leader should be trustworthy and make people feel safe.

I’d not heard much about Hillary Clinton before she came forward as candidate, one of those names that you hear over here but not masses about. Donald Trump however is a different matter. His name frequently pops up in the media, more due to lifestyle than politics. He starred in the US tv show The Apprentice for several seasons and I’ve got to admit that I enjoyed the show and rather liked Donald the boss. He seemed firm but fair so that’s all good.

Winner of a season of the Celebrity Apprentice was British media man Piers Morgan who seems to be hated as much in the US as he is here for his outspoken views. Piers was Donald’s loudest UK supporter until ex UKIP leader Nigel Farage jumped on the bandwagon. Nigel likens the US presidency election to this years Brexit referendum, voting against the ‘elite’ and the lefty luvvies I think, but I always thought billionaire Donald was one of the ‘elite’.

I’ve got to admit to having a bit of a giggle when I read about the position Nigel Farage wants to apply for – US Ambassador to the EU. I would love to be a fly on the wall if the outspoken say it how it is Nigel Farage returned to Brussels acting on behalf of the US. That would really knock the grins of the faces of the EU chiefs and would serve them right for their threats against the UK 🙂

Reactions To The New President

Some of the reactions to the shock result are quite dramatic, if not comical. French ambassador to the US claimed that “the world is collapsing before our eyes” while the Montreal Journal’s headline was “OH MY GOD”. The Daily Telegraph’s headline was short but sweet “W.T.F.”. The German justice minister said “the world won’t end, but things will get more crazy”.

Pleased with the result seem to be Russian President Vladimir Putin and far right French politician Marine Le Pen. Our Theresa May was congratulatory, but we Brits are polite except for Piers Morgan and Nigel Farage of course. The Canadian Immigration website crashed when the results became obvious and it snowed in Yorkshire.

Conspiracy theorists are having a ball saying that Nostradamus predicted Donald Trump becoming the president of America and now they believe that the world will come to an end.

Reaction To Hillary Clinton

Sales of white pantsuits have doubled

Presidential Policies

The policies that we heard the most about over here were mainly about immigration, like Brexiters Donald and his supporters were called racist. When electioneering Donald Trump said that he would build a wall across the Mexican border, wonder if he will get cheap Mexican labour to build it.

He was also for stopping Muslims entering the US – until they figure what the Muslims are about. We currently have a world where sadly most of the strife seems to be caused by different Muslim sects and it’s understandable after all of the terrorist attacks that non Muslims are growing more and more wary of those who worship Islam. Unfair on peaceful Muslims, but such is life.

What I didn’t like about President Trump is the accusations of sexism against him. It’s bad enough that a  large part of the world is sexist due to religion, we can do without the US president being sexist.

That’s enough from me I’ve got another website to build. I’ll end this by saying congratulations to President Trump and please serve your country and the world well and help to bring peace to an horrible world. Please leave a comment below, let me know your opinion.




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